Service support
◆ Telephone technical support
jieliwell provides a series of services to meet customer needs. jieliwell telephony support services are designed to deal with partner problems quickly and correctly the first time, providing remote telephony support during and after normal working hours.

◆ Online technical support
All end customers served by jieliwell can enjoy Web support and jieliwell technical support services during the service term. In case of product failure, customers can directly log in the Service area of jieliwell website through the Internet, search for special products and services or inform jieliwell to provide technical personnel and required parts for customers. On-site support services will be provided in the countries and regions where the customer requests services, and are limited to those countries and regions where the customer is able to provide the products and components purchased by the customer.
Please refer to the quotation for the specific service period. The online support service after this period shall be determined according to the Terms of Service of jieliwell. jieliwell will inform the customer immediately if additional payment is required. jieliwell consumables and accessories such as wear parts, batteries and other components are subject to specific support services despite the existence of a life limit.

◆ Door-to-door technical support
Door-to-door service provides customers with service and support for jieliwell products outside of the purchase area. The service provided by jieliwell (Shanghai) is limited to mainland China. When customers encounter problems outside their home country or region, they can request global service in any country or region that supports their products. Service details and parts availability vary from country to country or region. Customers should make it clear that, affected by the distance of the product location and traffic conditions, the response speed of on-site service provided by different places will be different.
Customers can obtain technical support in the following ways: 1) Customers can call their local call center. 2) The customer can call the customer service representative or technical support representative on the quotation sheet. 3) If repairs are required, jieliwell technicians will arrange service through the jieliwell call center at the customer's location. jieliwell does not rule out the possibility of door-to-door service being provided by jieliwell Service partners.
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